Khalid al Khudair: you all have the key to something

When people asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I started to say ‘I want to be a millionaire.’ I thought being a millionaire was a job.

I ended up working five days a week and studying two days a week to afford my dream. I think my first job was at Burger King. I still remember that; it gave me a lot of ambition to continue doing what I was doing.  

You all have the key to something, you are all talented in one way or another and you should use that talent. You just need to find it. There are so many obstacles…look at those as opportunities. If you look at them as opportunities, you will see that this is what creates a true entrepreneur, a true social leader, an innovator and someone that people look up to.  

This week’s #TuesdayTips comes in the form of a little-seen talk from our Fellow, Khalid al Khudair, where he recounts the hard work he has had to put in to achieve his dreams and how he has been able to turn challenges into opportunities.

It is a genuinely inspiring reminder that we all have great potential, but that achieving that potential often requires self-belief and a lot of hard work.

This is a great expression of Ashoka’s driving idea of Everyone a Changemaker™. It doesn’t mean that it is easy for everyone to find their purpose and it doesn’t mean that we will all succeed at everything we try to do.

It is encouragement to all of us to keep working to build a global community of people committed to trying to bring about positive change in their lives and the lives of the people around them.

And it is recognition that chasing your dreams is not always glamorous – often the road to social transformation (or becoming a millionaire) starts with flipping burgers and washing windows.

This talk has been circulating in our office this week and we hope you find it as inspiring as we do!


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